Nokia C4

beware, it is explosive.

perhaps you may want to get something better, that can crush the iPhone
like this.

Now there's even an upgraded version that comes with a camera.


what's the point of learning?
- to obtain the ability to work?

what's the point of working?
- to earn money?

what's the point of having money?
- to use it as a form of trade to get other things like food?

what's the point of getting food?
- to eat it and convert it to energy so that we wouldn't die?

why do people go on vacation?
- it is just something that people created because they don't have as much determination as bees, predators that hunt for food everyday and so on?

what's the point of surviving?
- idk.

so, do most people work hard because they don't want to take the biggest risk of their lives, which is to die, because they don't know what will happen to them when and after they die?

what is the most important thing in life?
- to care.

when is the most important moment in life?
- the present.

who are the most important people in life?
- the people around you.

by caring for people at the right time, we may be able to make their lives better or save their lives.
so, will we live better lives if we were to change our form of currency, into something that will make us happy?
money doesn't make us happy, it gives us pleasure and makes us greedy.


bb dota


Hitler plans to kill Paul the octopus

The fuhrer is furious at Paul
If you guys don't know, Paul is the octopus living in Germany that predicted all of Germany's World Cup matchs correctly.
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World of Warcraft


dota, dota dota dota~ dota~ dota~
(oleh, oleh oleh oleh~ oleh~ oleh~)

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Amazing! Bird sounds from the lyre bird - David Attenborough - BBC wildlife